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See below for a list of frequently asked questions, if you cant find the answer to your question below contact us

How do I play PlaceMakers Punt for Prizes?

  1. Visit Punt For Prizes OR download the PlaceMakers Punt For Prizes Promotion App via iTunes Appstore or Google Play. You will have to register to be able to participate.Go to the sign up page, fill in the requested details including your preferred NZ team you support, and enter a password. This will create your profile which you will use this to login each week to place your punts. You are only permitted to register once with one account only. If you sign up with more than one account all accounts will be disabled.
  2. To place your punts, go to the Game Page and make a selection of the Investec Super Rugby teams to Win or Draw for a nominated match.
  3. You are eligible to place punts for up to two consecutive rounds of Super Rugby at any given time which will be available in a rolling two week cycle.
  4. Should you wish to change the punts you’ve placed for any match, you are able to amend the punt for that match up until kick off of that match.
  5. When returning to the site to place your punts, you can login by clicking the Login button at the top right of the page or on the App. Alternatively, ‘opt in’ to keep your account logged in and you don’t have to worry about entering your details every time.

Each week there are brand new prizes to be won so make sure you place your punts every week!

How can I score points?

Pick a winner: For each match, if you correctly pick the winning team, you will receive 5 points.
Pick a draw: If you correctly pick a draw for any match you will receive 25 points.


How can I earn bonus points?

Sharing your picks: Each week you can share your punts to Facebook for the current week via the share link on the Play Now page. Each week you ‘share’ your punts you will receive 2 points which will be added to the total tally of your round score.
The maximum points you can get per round is two. Sharing the same punts multiple times will not give you any more than the 2 bonus points per round.

Don’t have a Facebook account? You can invite a mate to sign up to play via an email invitation to receive 2 bonus points for the current round. The email invitation is a link you can share on the Play Now page.  

How can I download the App?

To download the PlaceMakers Punt For Prizes App either visit iTunes Appstore for Apple phone users OR Google Play for Android users. Search for PlaceMakers Punt For Prizes and select to download. The App is FREE to download. Once downloaded you will be able to use the App to place all of your punts, check your scores, view the weekly prizes and winners.

Is it free to sign up and play?

Yes, it is 100% free to play. You do not need to buy any products from PlaceMakers and our App download is free.

When can I register to play PlaceMakers Punt for Prizes?

You can register at any time between 11.00AM NZT Tuesday 30th January 2018 and up until kick off of the Final match to be played at 2:00AM NZT Saturday 4th August 2018.

Obviously, the sooner you sign up, the more points and prizes you can earn and enter draws for.

How long does the promotion run for?

The promotion runs for the entire Super Rugby season scheduled to be played from Sunday 18th February 2018 NZT to Saturday 4th August 2018 NZT. It compromises of 22 rounds including all Super Rugby games (qualifiers, semi-finals and finals), with a variety of 1 to 9 matches per round.

Can I register from my smartphone?

Yes. Use your smartphones web browser to navigate to Punt For Prizes or to download the Punt For Prizes App from iTunes App Store or Google Play and register your information as per the instructions above.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

It is possible to register without having a mobile device. The website is also available on your computer or tablet at

What constitutes a draw?

Match results are determined by the score after 80 minutes (or thereabouts) of play. If extra time is added to get a result (such as in the Final), the score at 80 minutes will determine points and rankings for the Round. A draw is worth 25 points.

How do I create a group?

Once you have registered to play you will be able to create a group via My Groups page. Here you will be able to name your group, determine if it is an open or closed group & invite mates to play in your group. Simply enter in their details and an email invite will be sent to your friend to join your group. If a friend hasn’t signed up to Punt For Prizes they will need to register first. Only participants who have successfully registered to play in Punt For Prizes will be eligible to set up and play in groups.

Who can be a group admin?

The Group Admin (Captain) by default is whoever creates the group and based on group type (either open or closed) will determine who is eligible to be an Admin. If a user creates a closed group, they are the only administrator. However, they are able to set other admins should they require. If a user is a member of an open group, all users have admin rights and are able to invite other members to the group.

What is an open group and closed group?

Closed Group: A closed group means only the group admin (Captain) is able to invite members to the group. The group Captain can however make other members of the group administrators should they wish to.
Open Group
: An open group means that any member of that group is eligible to invite other people join the group.

How many groups can I be part of?

There is no limit to the number of groups you can join and be part of.

Can groups win prizes?

There are no prizes allocated for groups only individual punters.

How many members can my group have?

There is no limit to the number of group members. There is a minimum of 2 members to make up a group.

Can anyone be a group member?

Only those registered for Punt For Prizes will be eligible to play in groups.

What happens to my score if a game is not played for any reason?

If a match in a given round is cancelled, abandoned, not completed or not played for any reason or the result is not officially declared within three days of the date the match was originally scheduled to be played, it is treated as a win for both teams competing in that match. You’ll receive the full 5 points for a win. If you selected a draw, it will be treated as five points.

How can I win one of the weekly prizes?

To view a list of prizes for each round, go to the Prizes page.

Weekly winners: Each week your score will be determined by rank based on total points scored for that week only (not a cumulative total score of all your points for the competition to date). The highest score has the highest rank. If there are multiple participants with equal top rankings and not enough allocated prizes for each round, PlaceMakers will conduct a random draw from all of those top ranked participants and the first drawn participant/s against the allocated number of prizes will be awarded the prize. If there are more prizes than participants at the top, the next highest scoring participant(s) also receives a prize and so on, until all prizes for the Round have been awarded.

Branch winners: The Branch winner has the highest score in each PlaceMakers branch at the end of the season. If there are multiple Branch prizes for any one round, the same process as outlined above in Weekly winners will determine who will receive the prizes.

Staff Winners: The Staff winner has the highest total score out of all Staff participants.

Suppliers: Suppliers are eligible to be weekly winners and branch winners.

How can I win the Grand Prize Trip to one of The Great Rugby Playing Nations of my choice?

The Grand prize will be given away at the conclusion of the 2018 Super Rugby Final. For every point that a participant scores, will give them one entry into the draw for the Grand prize. So, if a participant scores 50 points over the course of the competition, he/she will have 50 entries into the draw.

This means that anyone who scores a point has a chance of winning the Grand Prize, but those with more points will have a higher chance of winning.

How will I know if I’m a winner?

All winners will receive an email on the Tuesday following the round in which they won a prize. This email will tell you what your prize is and how to claim it. You can also visit the Winners Page on the website.

What happens if I am not able to claim my prize?

If you’re not able to claim your prize for whatever reason, or the prize is unable to be allocated, within three months, the prize will be forfeited.

Where do I pick up my prize?

Your prize is available to pick up from your nearest PlaceMakers Branch you selected on Registration.

When will my prize be ready for pick up?

Your prize will be ready for pick up following the email confirmation you will receive if you have won a prize. For North Island winners your prize will be available for pick up on the Friday and for South Island winner your prize will be available on the following Monday.

If I win a team merchandise prize, will I receive the team I back?

This year, you will now be able to get the team you back as the merchandise prizes on offer (instead of the region your local store is located in). This applies to the weekly prizes. The app download and sign up incentives prize team allocations will be on a first in first served basis so if you do receive one of these prizes and your team selection is un-available you will receive another team allocation.

Do I have to place all my punts at the same time?

No, you can place you punts whenever you feel like it. You are able to place a punt right up until kickoff for that match for it to be eligible to score points. Login to place your punts and to make any changes to your punts.

How many punts can I place at once?

You can punt for up to 2 consecutive rounds at a time which can be between 1 to 18 punts.

When can I start placing punts for matches?

You will be able to start placing your punts from the start of promotion Tuesday 30th January 2018 at 11:00AM NZT for the first 2 rounds. The first Super Rugby game starts on Sunday 18 February 2018 NZT. You must be registered and logged in with your profile to place your punts and see your results. To place your punts visit the Game Page.

What happens if I forget to submit punts for a given match?

If there is no punt submitted for a match prior to kickoff you will receive no points for that match.

When is the cut-off time for placing my punts?

You can place your punts right up until kickoff of the current match. After kickoff for any match the website will not allow you to place punts for that match, but you can still place punts for other matches in the current round that are yet to kickoff.

Do I have to place punts for every match in a round?

No, you can place punts for only one match in a round if that is all you want to do. Obviously the more punts on the available matches per round will give you more chances to score points.

Can I edit or change the team I back?

Yes, you can update this in your account settings. Simply go to the Account Settings page to select a different team.

Can I edit or change my local store?

Yes, you can update this in your Account Settings to select a different PlaceMakers store.

Where can I change my details ?

The My Account tab. As well as the team you back and your local store, you can also update your personal details such as your name, email address & phone number under your account settings.

Do I need to hold a PlaceMakers Know How Card?

No. You do not need to hold a PlaceMakers Know How card in order to play.

Can I play if I’m under 18 years old?

Sorry no you won’t be able to play. No person under 18 years of age is eligible to receive a prize. By signing up and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you are confirming that you are 18 years of age or older.

Can PlaceMakers staff sign up and play?

Yes. PlaceMakers staff can sign up and play, but will not be eligible for weekly prizes, branch or national prizes from the main prize pool. They are eligible for Launch prizes and there is a separate national prize for staff. See Terms and Conditions for more info.

Do I need to have to have my own email address to play?

Most punters will use their own email address to sign up. If you don’t have one you could use a friends or family members email address (with their permission of course). However, this will mean that they can’t use this email address to sign up as each participant must use a different email address.

I’m having difficulty signing up or placing punts – what should I do?

If you are still having difficulties after reading these FAQ’s, you can call our competition hotline on 0800 5669 469 (0800 KNOW HOW) or email us on

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